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Wall Mounted Touchscreen Digital MP3 Jukebox - Home Use

Our Price: £365.00
  • Holds approx 30000+ MP3 tracks on 80gb HD (easily upgradeable using external USB HD)
  • Easy to load your own music. (none included)
  • Small built in amplifier or you can easily output to your own
  • 15" Touchscreen TFT monitor
  • Freeplay for home use only.
  • Measures approx.31in tall, 9in deep and 23in wide
  • Weighs approx 45kg.
  • No contract or subscription.

Included are - Internal volume control -  Keys & power lead - No Speakers Included (you can use standard hifi speakers)

This jukebox is a converted pub jukebox. Unlike pub versions it does not lock out or require a subscription.

It has a search facility and can play single tracks.

You can put your music on using a USB stick which is dead easy to do, just like transferring photos or music from your phone to a pc.

Jukebox help videos are here - Jukebox Videos

Nice simple user interface makes it easy to install your own music ( mp3 format ) from memory stick. If you can put photos or music on your pc then you can load music on this.

*** No licence or monthly subscription needed - Home Use Only ***
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