Refill Key FAQs

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There are a lot of rumours and speculation regarding the fruit machine refill key so here at Fruit Machine Sales we have decided to tell the truth.

As a licenced and responsible fruit machine seller we have compiled the following FAQ.

Will a fruit machine refill key help me to win?
Technically no, it won`t help you win. It will tell you what is in the hopper and what the last win was which is of no real use.

What does a fruit machine refill key actually do then?
The key is actually for the Landord or fruit machine engineer to top up the fruit machine ( hence "refill key" ) when it is running low or has paid out short due to being empty.
It is also used to dump the fruit machines hopper without going into test. You do need the bottom door open to do this though.

Is it illegal to use a fruit machine refill key?
No as it doesn`t actually manipulate the machine in any way. However the Landlord or Arcade owner would probably throw you out as you are tampering with their machine.
You have been warned!

If they don`t work why do you sell them?
We sell fruit machine refill keys because you need one if you are using a  fruit machine in your home. At Fruit Machine Sales we provide a  fruit machine refill key with every machine we sell.

Just to sum up.

A fruit machine refill key is useful if you have a fruit machine in your home but it is not a secret device that will let you win on the fruit machines in pub or club.

If you could win on any machine then the manufacturers would just change the lock from a standard 87000 to one of their own.

The key fits the majority of machines including Bell Fruit, Barcrest, Global, JPM, Electrocoin, Red Gaming, Vivid, Mazooma and many more.