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We are regulated by the Gambling Commission
Licence number is 000-005853-N-314221-001

How we are Handling the New Coin Release

At the moment we are selling machines with the option of upgrading to the new £1 coin for an extra £25 via a dropdown options box on the fruit machines sale page. This is what the cost is to ourselves. Once the coin becomes more mainstream we will just upgrade automatically and increase our prices to suit.

You don`t have to upgrade yet as even though the new £1 coin is out 28th March 2017 it will be an age before it gets into everyday circulation and the old one will still be about for a while

Most of our fruit machines when upgraded will only take the new £1 coin so make sure you have access to them.

If you already own a fruit machine then you can get your coin mechanism upgraded for around £30. Please email for details of the company that provides this service. You will need to post them the coin mech for them to do this.

Any questions feel free to ring on 07810 493581 (office hours)
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